Frequently Asked Questions

You can email us any questions you may have 

-How many picks do you make per day?

We usually send out 2-10 picks every day. If we don't like any games that day, we will make that clear in the email and not charge you for that day. 

-How are plays sent?

We will email you the card at least 30 minutes before the first game. 

Which sports do you provide?

We make picks on the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, and NCAAB,

-Do you guarantee wins?

We can't guarantee wins, but we will provide the best possible outcome to succeed. We take pride here at SB247 and will make sure you have the advantage against the books. 

-What is your model winning percentage?

Our model currently has a 64% win rate!

-Are there refunds or can I cancel my account?

Due to the nature of the information being provided, there are absolutely no refunds unless stated otherwise. You may cancel your service at any time and you will have access to all plays until the date your subscription was originally set to expire. Members have the ability to cancel their accounts at any time, for any reason. Please note, as stated above, we are unable to issue refunds after you have cancelled your subscription to our service.